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Medical Terms | Midnight Sun Healing

Medical Terms

The medical terms provided are for your convenience and to get a better understanding of your Thermal Interpretation. The Internet also provides a great resource if you are needing more information.

Medical Terminology

Anesthesia the total lack or loss of sensation
Anterior towards the front of the body
Asymptomatic describes a person who is free of pain or symptoms
Atypical NOT as would be typically expected
ClinicalCorrelation a doctor factoring in and considering specific results into a case
CNS Central nervous system (the brain and spinal cord)
Contralateral the opposite comparable side
Dermatome surface areas of the skin that are specific to different spinal segments
Dysfunction abnormality in the function of the body
EMG Electromyogram
Hyper greater or more than normal
Hyperthermia greater temperature
Hypesthesia decrease d sensation
Hypo lesser or less than normal
Hypothermia lesser temperature
Indication the reason for performing the test or procedure
Inferior below
Inflammation a defence response by the body producing swelling, redness, and heat due to increased blood flow to the affected area
Infrared rays of energy beyond the limit of human vision, but below there end of the spectrum
Ipsilateral the response in the body occurring on the same side
Ischemia local loss of blood supply and resulting pain,which may be caused by a build up of metabolic by products
Lateral further away from them id line of the body
lordosis an abnormal curvation of the spine
lumbar area of the spinal cord located in the lower back region
Medial closer to them id line of the body
Myofascialpain results from as of ttissue injury with patient complaints of muscle spasm and stiffness in the affected area
Myofascitis inflammation of fascial of a muscle
Myopathy involves diseases of the muscles
Neovascularity new blood vessels
Neurogenic refers to problems that arise from the neural tissue
Neuropathy involves diseases of the nerves
Paresthesia is the perversion of sensation
Peripheralnervoussystem the part of the nervous system that courses through out the body and connects the various structures and organs of the body with the central nervous system
Physiology the function of the body
Posterior towards the back of the body
Spondylogenic refers to a problem that arises from the spinal column or spinal structure
Stresstesting the recreation of the movements which cause a patient pain, followed by the performance of a thermographic examination
Superior above
Symptoms those elements which a patient complains of or reports
ThermalAsymmetry temperature differences between comparable areas
Thermatome indicates segmental thermal patterns in the extremities
Thermo pertaining to temperature
Thermogram is the pictorial representation of the surface temperature of the body
Thermography is the science of visually measuring and recording surface temperature
Thermologist is a physician who interprets the thermogram
Thoracicregion the spinal area located in the upper back
Triggerpoint a small circumscribed pain sensitive regionin muscles or supportive tissue (fascia)
Typical as would be typically expected
Vascular something that pertains to blood vessels
Vasoconstriction is when the arteries in the more distant parts of the body are caused to go into construction, causing reduce darterial blood flow
Viscerogenic referred pain from the abdomen, pelvis orthoracic region

Terminology in Thermography Reports

Artifacts An artifact is something that can be visible in a thermogram, but is not related to the presenting problem. Artifacts can be related to anything like jewelry that wont come off to a pimple or a scratch somewhere which is inflamed. 
Discussion This may include clinical impressions and opinion, it is a summary of the findings with some conclusions based upon the thermographic findings listed in the interpretation of the thermograms.
Follow-up This gives recommendation for any further investigation. 
History and Symptoms  A brief description of your relevant history and symptoms that relates to the thermal study being conducted. For example, “pain in the left lateral shoulder for 8 years with no response to physical therapy or cortisone injections” The report correlates the history and symptoms with the thermal findings.
Interpretation This is where all significant thermographic findings seen in the images will be described along with their anatomical relations and regions. 

Commonly Used Abbreviations in Thermography Reports

bx biopsy
dx diagnosis
hx history
L>R left greater than right 
R>L right greater than left 
rx prescribed
sx symptoms
tx treatment

" Testimonial "

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