Steps for Thermal Scanning

What happens in a Thermal Scan Procedure?

Step 1: Book an appointment either on-line or via phone.

Step 2: To fill out IMPORTANT Health Forms go to our Forms page on our website under Book an Appointment and select the option that works best for you.

Step 3: While you sit in a temperature controlled room allowing the body to cool down from any external conditions, the technician will process and review your paperwork and answer any question you may have prior to scanning.

Step 4: You are positioned in front of a Thermal Imaging Camera and the technician takes digital pictures (10–45 minutes). You will be able to see your body “live” on the computer screen, which may help you to better understand your body.

Step 5: Your health history and images are sent electronically to a certified doctor for analysis of 1) the amount of heat present and 2) the symmetry of the heat patterns. Heat patterns may indicate infection, inflammation or a variance from your body’s norm.

Step 6: A report-of-findings (an interpretation) will be sent to our office electronically via the interpreting doctor. Shortly thereafter; you will receive the interpretation via email, CD or a printed copy in the mail, it is your choice. This will help you and your doctor determine any next steps.

Step 7: As part of your full body thermal healthcare program it is important to establish an accurate and stable baseline of the normal anatomy of your body. This baseline record is used in comparative analysis with all future annual screenings, which will help us to detect any early changes occurring in your body. Therefore, it is suggested that a re-scan be done in three months before continuing with annual comparative studies.

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